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WSIPC Awarded Vendor

As a WSIPC awarded vendor for Managed Security and Physical Security Solutions, our goal is to provide members with state of the art cyber solutions and services and protect them from crippling cyber attacks.

Security Strategy & Roadmap

An important tool for ensuring the long-term security of your organization. By outlining a clear plan for addressing potential risks and vulnerabilities, it can help your organization stay ahead of potential threats and protect your assets.

  Security Advisory & Consulting Services

Providing expert advice and guidance on how to protect your organizations assets, systems, and networks from cyber threats and    vulnerabilities.

Security Assessment

Evaluating and Understanding the security of your organizations computer systems, vasts networks and web application and determining the best ways to address or mitigate those vulnerabilities improves the overall security of your organization.


Security Configuration Analysis & Enhancements

Benefits of conducting regular security configuration analysis and implementing enhancements as needed and utlizing state-of-the-art security audit tools, your organization can better protect critical assets and data.


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