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Kumitech's Virtual CISO (vCISO) Services

Benefits of a Kumitech vCISO:

  •    Develop and implement security policies and procedures.

  •    Conduct risk assessments and identify potential security threats.

  •    Managed incident response and business continuity planning & development.

  •    Ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

  •    Oversee the implementation and management of security technologies.

  •    Provided guidance and education to employees on security best practices.

  •    Represent the organization in matters related to information security.

Kumitech's Security Architecture &

Engineering Services

Kumitech Enterprise Security Framework (KESF)

Kumitech has drawn inspiration from the SABSA, O-ESA and OSA frameworks and credits their influence in the creation of the Kumitech Enterprise Security Framework (KESF) process. KESF borrowed, and adapted, the concepts of their approach to develop a process specifically designed around network and cyber security. Adoption of these security frameworks is important because it provides a structured approach for identifying, managing, and mitigating security risks in an organization. By using these frameworks, Kumitech can ensure that security measures are comprehensive, aligned with industry standards and best practices, and adaptable to changing threats and business requirements. Additionally, these  security frameworks can facilitate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and help an organization to demonstrate due diligence and protect against liability. Overall, the adoption of a security framework is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information and systems, and for safeguarding the reputation and trust of an organization.

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