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Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security is a security model that assumes that all network traffic and access requests should be treated as untrusted, regardless of whether they originate from inside or outside of the network. This approach is based on the principle that traditional network security models, which rely on a "perimeter" to keep out threats, are no longer effective in protecting against advanced cyber attacks.

The Zero Trust model uses a variety of security controls and technologies to authenticate users and devices, and to verify the integrity and validity of network traffic. These controls may include multi-factor authentication, encryption, network segmentation, and continuous monitoring and analysis.

One of the key features of Zero Trust is the use of micro-segmentation, which will allow your organization to segment your networks into smaller, more secure segments that can be more easily managed and protected. This can include segmenting the network by user, device, or application, and applying different security policies and controls to each segment.

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